Authentic “Celebrity Signatures” with Our Autographs

Visit our online shop to add one of our authentic celebrity signatures at a great price to your collection. You will find collectibles like autographed 8×10 photos, 11×14 photos, autographed Funko Pops posters, signed movie props and signed books, scripts, historical items or signed music. We guarantee the authenticity of all autographs and celebrity signatures for life.

You may be asking how we can do this for every item. It was simple for us. Nearly every signed piece we sell of memorabilia is obtained in person. Only rare items signed by deceased persons are exceptions. They can’t sign anymore and they aren’t able to source them in-person.

We have the following items in our inventory: autographed cartoons celebrity photos (8×10), autographed celeb memorabilia (11×14 photo), hall of fame memorabilia Frank Sinatra memorabilia horse racing memorabilia. Also, we have autographed celebrity photos and other sports memorabilia.

Celebrity Signatures Autographs

To provide an even higher level and ease of future resale, and to support our lifetime guarantee, the majority of our autographs, celebrity signatures, are now JSA (James Spence), JSA COA (BAS), BAS COA (PSA/DNA COA) and Global (GA).

We accept consignments of autographed memorabilia. Please contact us if there is a celebrity autograph that you wish us to sell.

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celebrity fakes stalkers have a negative reputation. They are often aggressive and confused about the important things in life. Star-watchers know that the thrill of the chase goes beyond meeting famous people. They also get a cash incentive.

How it works: The autograph market is a marketplace for investment-grade memorabilia. This includes photos, letters, documents and books signed by politicians, historical figures, actors, contemporary musicians, sports stars, literary and space explorers. You can buy and resell items at both brick-and mortar and online auction houses and through autograph dealers.

Who is Investing in Autographs? And Why are They So Good at it: The autograph market used to be dominated by collectors who were hobbyists or historians who had limited resources and collected just for fun. It is now a viable alternative investment strategy for 300 million collectors.

Paul Fraser Collectibles director made his fortune by sourcing rare investment-grade Celebrity Signatures collectibles of the best provenance. He made music his passion and started a business selling collectible records. In the end, he was responsible for brokering the deal for John Lennon’s signed boyhood stamp album with the Smithsonian Institute. His company has sold more than $300 million worth of Celebrity Signatures memorabilia.