Custom Bilt Cars: Registration in North Carolina

How to register a custom bilt cars

Before you can register your custom bilt cars, it is necessary that a state-approved inspector inspect its safety and reliability. To complete your registration, you will need to bring the completed report along with the following to your local licensing office:

Registering a car can be very straightforward and easy. There is a growing trend to build custom-built vehicles or “kits”, and registration can be complicated. It is important to know the requirements for legal registration of custom-built vehicles by owners and builders.

What is a custom-built vehicle?

A custom bilt cars can be one made from individual parts or a modified manufacturer vehicle. It could be a custom-built frame or a used one. Because they are not built to the strict safety standards set by major auto manufacturers, custom-built vehicles can pose a safety risk. Untrained people or those who don’t know the North Carolina road safety standards may inadvertently cause a vehicle to crash on the roads or become uncontrollable.

Notarized title application custom bilt cars

Affidavit of Custom Cars is basically a report that details your car’s parts and assembly.

Certificate of title for original frame, engine and transmission (if applicable).

Title fee

Your custom-built car will now be legal to drive on the streets, provided you keep the plates up-to-date and re-register it each year. Re-registration is easier online or by mail than with in-person registration. Failure to register your car in North Carolina could result in severe fines or suspension of your driver’s licence. It is not worth putting so much effort into your car to lose your driving privileges.