Nordic Boats Purchases “Hallett Boats”

Nordic Boats agreed on Thursday night to buy the assets of Hallett Boats. Randy Davis, the owner of Nordic Boats in Lake Havasu City (Ariz.) since 2005, stated that Hallett Boats will cease to operate out of Azusa, Calif. and all future sales, manufacture, and service for Hallett models will take place at Nordic’s Arizona facility.

All new Boats models will be manufactured at the Nordic Boats facility, Lake Havasu City (Arizona). Photo by Jason Johnson

Davis, who made the deal with Shirley Barron (the widow of Hallett owner Nick Barron) said that he was excited to add the Hallett brand to his already extensive Nordic line.

Davis, who was a Hallett model owner before entering the boating business, stated that while Hallett models will be built at the Nordic facility, Hallett will be run separately. We have not changed anything about the brand, except for improving the quality of materials and the build process. Halletts boats have a strong reputation and loyal following.

He said, “We don’t view them as a conflict in selling Nordics.” For example, one person might like the Nordic 28 Heat styling or 29 Escape styling but another might not. The Hallett 277 or Hallett 29 Escape might be a better choice for that person. Even though they are both in the same boat category, the Nordic and Hallett V bottoms look very different. Similar could be said about deckboat models.

Shirley Barron and her team from Boats made a statement that said, “Thanks to all our loyal Hallett customer for the chance to serve your boating requirements for over six decades.” Nordic will continue to manufacture and service Hallett Boats at the same high quality, craftsmanship, integrity, and customer satisfaction as it has for over a century.

Nordic Boats purchased all assets of Boats effective immediately after an agreement was reached. Boats’ Azusa, CA headquarters will be closed. All future sales, manufacturing and service of Hallett Boats products will be handled at Nordic Boats headquarters in Lake Havasu (AZ). Nordic Boats will finish all Hallett Boats currently under construction.

We are grateful to our Hallett customers who have been loyal for more than six decades. Nordic will continue to manufacture and service Hallett Boats at the same high quality, craftsmanship, integrity, and customer satisfaction that made Hallett an icon brand for over a century.


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