Honeygrow: founders get paid for their hard work

Justin Rosenberg was meticulous when he wrote his business plan. He gathered more information than he would ever use or need. New York, a native New Yorker, remembers spending hours at Fox School of Business. Alter Hall was his favorite place to curl up in while he developed the business model for Honeygrow, a Philadelphia-based fast-casual restaurant that serves fresh-made salads and stir fries with seasonal, local ingredients.

Honeygrow was awarded $25 million in funding by Miller Investment Management in June. This will allow Honeygrow to expand its sf business times and update its technology platform.

Rosenberg, FOX’09: “It feels like I was in Alter yesterday.” “Building Honeygrow was one the most difficult things I’ve ever done. But it was worth it.”

While completing his Global MBA, the Fox School alumnus worked in financial analysis and asset management. He knew deep down that he wanted to start his own company. Rosenberg was vegan at the time, and sought out more creative, local meals than what most restaurants had to offer. He created a sensible restaurant proprietor to suit his needs.

By calling companies that used touch-screen ordering systems, he was able to find out more about touch screen ordering systems. To find out the best price per ounce, he even reached out to California restaurant owners.

He then took to the streets. Rosenberg was not afraid to knock on doors and work weekends. After 40-hour work weeks, Rosenberg rode a bus to Washington, D.C., to work in a friend’s kitchen. After navigating Saturday night dinners, he would then head home to Halie, his wife. She was pregnant with their first child.

He opened Honeygrow’s 16th and Sansom 

Streets location in Philadelphia, in June 2012. Three years later, Rosenberg and Honeygrow have grown to eight locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and twenty corporate employees by 2015.

It’s a difficult task. Each step was a learning curve, but it was also how I learned that for a company’s success, it is necessary to embrace the challenge and make it your own life. It’s a mirage that life can be great if you are your own boss. You can make it happen, but you have to vaporizers work hard and stay focused.

Honeygrow was Founded in Philadelphia 

By Justin Rosenberg in 2012. It brings people together through simple, healthy, and delicious food. It’s about living honestly and spending time doing the things that matter to us. It tastes better, so we buy local whenever possible. Because we love great food, design and tech, that’s who it is. We don’t care what other “fast-casual” italian restaurants do. We are proud of our self-authenticity. We are a growing company and we are seeking like-minded individuals who are willing to win. That means people with grit.