Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho Appearance

Shinobu kocho, a young, petite woman, has a pale complexion. Her large, compound-shaped eyes have no pupils and only a haze purple gradient, which makes her eyes look like insects. Her shoulder-length, straight hair is styled in a flat yakai maki bun at the back. It fades from dark purple to black and ends with a light purple butterfly ornament. The center-split, voluminous, curtain bangs flow down to frame her face. Below them, she has two shorter, chin-length locks. Shinobu kocho, who is short in height, has been described as having a weak-looking physique. This is further reinforced when she mentions that she doesn’t have the physical strength to kill a demon like the other Hashira. Zenitsu Agatsuma says Shinobu Kocho is so adorable that she could live off her looks.

Shinobu kocho is wearing a Dark Purple

Standard Demon Slayer Uniform with gold buttons. It consists of a matching dark-purple-colored straight-lined black jacket, tabi socks, and hakama trousers. She’s tucked into white Kyahans with a butterfly pattern that fades into pale turquoise and pink around her lower legs. They are fastened with white ribbons. She wears a white Haori, which was previously worn by her older sister. It has a butterfly pattern on the sleeves and hem, and fades to pale turquoise nails and pink at the hem. The sleeves and hem are cuffed with a black-and-white dotted trim. For footwear, she wears white zori sandals that have purple straps and a hidden blade in one.

Shinobu kocho, fourteen years old, had her appearance slightly altered. The chin-length hair she had in front of her ears was tucked in. She wore a different Demon Slayer outfit with silver buttons and purple cloth. A plain white haori was also worn by her.


Shinobu kocho is reputed to have a friendly and bright high personality. Shinobu kocho is bright and friendly, with a cheerful disposition. She always smiles no matter what situation she’s in. Her outward appearance is quickly revealed to be a fa├žade. She enjoys making fun of others and is most proud to pick on Giyu Tomioka. Despite her calm exterior and initial claim that she wanted to get along with demons she can be quite cruel towards them. This is evident when she attempts to kill Nezuko Camado (Daughter) and then tries to help her sister.

Later, it is revealed that Shinobu Kocho’s calm exterior is actually a mask. This is because she has a strong hatred for demons after the death of her sister Kanae Kocho at a young age. She is so angry that she can’t stop yelling at the Butterfly Mansion apprentices. She was unable to live the normal healthy lifestyle her sister wanted, and instead spent all her energy on defeating demons.

Shinobu kocho, during her fight against Doma, reveals that she suffers from an inferiority comp. She is jealous of her fellow Hashira’s superior physical abilities and curses her body for not growing more to make her more efficient in combat.