Celebrity Book Clubs: You Should Join If You Love to Read

We’ve been obsessed with the reading habits and book clubs of our favorite celebrities since Oprah Winfrey introduced the era to celebrity book clubs in 1996 with Oprah’s Book Club.

These seven celebrity book clubs are the best, and will inspire you to read on your next lazy afternoon. These book of business lovers love to recommend their top picks for readers around the globe, regardless of whether you are a fan of Emma Roberts or Emma Watson.

Reese’s Celebrity Book Clubs – Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon co-founded Pacific Standard Productions in 2012 to tell more stories from women. She bought the adaptation rights to several bestsellers by women authors over the next few years, including “Gone Girl”, “Wild” and “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. The first two became box office hits and the third was a critically acclaimed HBO miniseries.

She’s not done. Hello Sunshine, the actress’ media company has several page-to screen adaptations in the pipeline for 2018. It’s clear that “A Wrinkle in Time,” star is a huge fan of reading and knows the best in literature.

Although it began as a casual social media venture, Reese’s you should book Club is now a huge Instagram success with more than 400,000 followers. We trust Witherspoon’s expertise, as she has overseen some of the most loved book-to-movie adaptations of recent years.


Belletrist by Emma Roberts

Belletrist is Roberts’ online book club. She teams up with Ka rah Preiss (producer), to bring her followers new literary treats every month.

The pals not only discuss their favorite travel books, but the “American Horror Story” star also meets up with her favorite authors to conduct exclusive interviews. Each month, she highlights an independent bookstore where bookworms can grab a copy of the month’s selections.

SJP Picks, as part of Celebrity Book Clubs Central

We’ve been following the “Sex and the City” star’s fashion tips for decades, but it seems that she also has a passion for books. She’s served as the Honorary Chair of the American Library Association’s Book Club Central since 2014.

Parker suggests her favorite face book lead on SJP Picks. We are forced to abandon our Manolos as we race to our local libraries to grab our novels of choice.