Pansy Parkinson: Bio

Pansy Parkinson was the first child of Horatio & Chrysanthea Parkinson. She was their only child and subject to much spoiling. The Pansy Parkinson family is a wealthy, well-to-do family of purebloods. While not as prominent as the Malfoys, they are respected and well-respected in British aristocratic wizarding circles.

In the past, much has been said about Pansy’s appearance. adam schefter most prominent feature is her distinctively upturned nose. This makes it easy to sniff at other people in mockery or condescension. Pansy was a bit chubby as a child, due to her love of sweets and pampering. It was easy to see the unkind comparison between Pansy and a pug dog’s face when she arrived at Hogwarts. Her attitude toward her schoolmates, who she didn’t know in wizarding communities, was a ‘I’m superior to you’ one. She was quick to mock and sneer at anyone who made her feel uncomfortable. This was a way to build armor. It won her the admiration of other Slytherin girls, who were not as fast and glib as Pansy. cory hardrict also built a strong group of friends because she was less likely to use her sharp tongue against her gang. However, all were welcome.

Pansy Parkinson sat down and admired

Pansy’s ability to manipulate her parents (Pansy was a Daddy’s Girl), or perhaps because of the values she was taught by Chrysanthea, her mother, may have contributed to her mercenary outlook. She looked ahead to finding and drawing near people she believed could help her position. Draco Malfoy was quickly identified as someone she would like to allies herself with. Draco was a leader and had superiority. He had wealthy parents who were influential. Pansy found Draco’s ability to mimic and mock the failures of others hilarious and decided she was going to be with him. Pansy Parkinson sat down and admired Draco’s talent, and she even condoled Draco when he was mad. Pansy was so moved by Draco’s third-year injury to the hippogriff that she wept and then cried over his bravery.

Pansy was getting older and had an argument with Chrysanthea about Pansy’s weight and appearance. Although she had resisted whispered criticisms of her past appearance, she now realizes that she must make some changes if she wants to be considered attractive. It was easy to influence girls if you had good looks. Pansy Parkinson loved being admired by other girls if one is beautiful. Most importantly, one who has good looks will have more options for a happy marriage. dan castellaneta took her pride in the matter and began a diet that was more restrictive. She also read glossy magazines to learn about hair, makeup, and fashion.


The Sorting Hat was right to place Pansy Pansy in a good position. She was an ambitious young woman who was determined in pursuing her goals and plans. Pansy Parkinson made a conscious effort to eat less at school and home, and she welcomed the opportunity to run or walk as an exercise option. Pansy’s pale, ruffled pink dress robes were personally made by a stylish modiste. Pansy was, therefore, a very attractive modiste had designed her ruffly pale pink dress robes for the Triwizard Tourney in Pansy’s fourth-year. Rita Sketer’s description, which she described as “pretty, vivacious” in the Daily Prophet, may have been a bit exaggerated, but it wasn’t totally inaccurate. brian austin green was getting ready. Pansy is now a sophisticated, cool-mannered young lady, thanks to the forced diet, exercise, and fresh air she gained on Survivor Island. To be honest, she will never be classically gorgeous. She is, however, unmistakably beautiful and well-dressed.