Gordon Ramsay Cars: Collection Will Make you Feel Faint

Gordon Ramsay Cars gets papped at least once per year. It is usually located in London and he is getting out of his scissor doors of a very expensive new car. It’s something we have come to expect, just like Wimbledon. Or Christmas. It’s as predictable and well-planned as his very ordered, shouty dinner parties.

Ramsay is a rare breed in that he routinely acquires the gordon ramsay cars most people can only dream of driving. Ramsay has a large collection of grails in his garage, and a special penchant for supercars from Italy or the UK. For example, the Ferrari LaFerrari. He reportedly ordered the LaFerrari Aperta to be with him (seriously). Or the SP2 Monza.

Gordon ramsay cars. The extent of Ramsay’s collection, however, has not been fully revealed. It’s far beyond what we could have imagined. He also owns a McLaren Senna in black and gold, a KTM X-Bow and an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. A Porsche 918 Spyder is also part of his ridiculous Ferrari collection. A few Ferrari classics get a beating too, such as the bright yellow F355.

Ramsay did things right, as he does every time, and decided to show his insane collection of wheels to his Youtube fans. He booked out the Brands Hatch race track near London, and immediately took them all to a thrashing around the track with his family. Let’s hope they were insured.

The video actually makes him feel a little emotional. He claims it’s his first time seeing all of his “babies out on the track together. Imagine being that stacked. He must be so happy. He said that the Senna is like “driving the fastest rollercoaster you’ve ever seen” and that it was more racing car than any other vehicle that should be on the road.

Amazingly, the description of the video states that the gordon ramsay cars featured in the clip are his UK collection. We expect that his collection in LA is quite impressive, given that he also owns a property there.